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New Stride™ Hearing Aid from Unitron

Posted on 11/04/2015

Able Hearing Announces Availability of the Newest Stride™ Hearing Aids from Unitron

Able Hearing has expanded its hearing aid technology offerings to include the revolutionary Stride™ from Unitron. The newest generation of Stride provides a sleek appearance for the behind-the-ear or in-the-ear styles or no appearance at all with the completely-in-canal style, as well as, exceptional hearing and speech understanding in every conversation no matter what noise is in the background.

Hear clearly in a full-range of conversations

One of the biggest complaints of hearing aid wearers is being able to hear conversations in noise. The new technology addresses this challenge with three features that work together to deliver the natural sound patients love while helping them focus on conversations like never before. From large groups to one-on-one, to watching TV alone, each conversation presents a unique type of background noise. Stride identifies these environments and adjusts accordingly, so hearing aid wearers can understand what is being said in a full range of conversations.


New Stride Hearing Aid Styles from UnitronFeatures:

SpeechZone - Both hearing aids work together to automatically zone in on speech in tough listening situations.

SoundNav - Continuously detects every listening environment you’re in, making automatic adjustments to let you experience the best listening, with a special focus on making it easy to participate in all types of conversations.

Sound Conductor - Automatically makes adjustments for understanding speech during conversations, providing comfort and awareness in quiet and noisy environments all while maintaining natural sound quality

“This truly is a remarkable hearing aid that takes hearing to the next level,” says Karl Brandsen, specialist at Able Hearing. “Unitron has once again raised the bar for natural hearing.”

Current hearing aid wearers are encouraged to call Able Hearing at 503-597-3020 to schedule an appointment to learn more about the new Stride from Unitron.




"These hearing aids have opened a new life for me."

- Mona R.
Gresham, OR

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