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Can Hearing Aids Be “Stylish”?

Our first memory of hearing aids is a pair of beige, big, molded plastic units worn by an elderly relative for many of us. These units were clunky and unattractive. Although this type of hearing aid is still available, things have evolved dramatically since the days of this limited hearing aid option. Hearing aids come in various styles that can be used to conceal, embellish, or embolden your appearance, so you don’t have to stick to an outdated look.

A new wave of hearing aids

Many of those interested in these new hearing aid types are members of the millennial generation, which some have dubbed “Generation Deaf” by outlets like NBC News. 

Hearing loss among young people is at an all-time high, with the majority blaming it on recreational loudness. Young individuals are exposed to significantly louder sounds in decibels and for much more extended periods of exposure hours each day. Compared to a similar demographic in the 1980s, one study found a 15% rise in hearing loss among youths in the mid-aughts. 

Young people are affected mainly by headphones and earbuds, but sound amplification is also to a fault. Although loud concerts might be harmful, technical advancements have made playing music extremely high decibels more possible than ever before. With these considerations in mind, it’s no surprise that more young people are exploring hearing aid solutions. They may, however, not be too excited about the beige plastic units that the previous generation was known for.

Get the look

Getting various colors and patterns to offer your hearing aids personal flair is one option for a trendier hearing aid. 

Audicus, for example, collaborated with Advanced Style to create a limited-edition hearing aid collection with leopard print, polka dots, glitter, and holographic finishes. Other aids come in various colors, including metallics and neutrals, for a sleek and modern look. 

Unitron’s earmolds are available in various colors, such as Raspberry Fizz, Tealicious, and Shimmering Moonbeam. Colors can be mixed with up to three other colors to create camouflage or the colors of a favorite sports team. With a futuristic twist, the translucent, transparent option merges directly into the contour of your ear. With so many colors and sleek styles to choose from, it’s no surprise that young people are flocking to new models to personalize their hearing aids.

Adding a charm or adornment to the hearing aids is another quirky option that is popular among younger hearing aid users. Handmade hanging charms and trinkets to add to your hearing aids have exploded on Etsy, explicitly developed for younger wearers with hearing loss but available for anybody who wants to add a little flash to their devices. 

When it comes to these add-ons, the sky’s the limit, similar to the charms that may be put to a smartphone cover. Consider a bejeweled hearing aid with rhinestones swaying in the breeze or an adorable kitten twirling in the breeze. This choice is ideal for those who want to draw attention to their aids.

Technological Innovations

On the other hand, others would prefer to downplay their hearing aids in terms of “style.” and are looking for the latest features. Newer generations of hearing aids excel in this area, too, with Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and even artificial intelligence technology now being offered in the latest models. 

Others choose to conceal their hearing aids entirely, and this technology is becoming more widely available. Hearing aids using Receiver In Canal (RIC) technology have improved to the point where they can be placed in the ear canal for up to 30 days without being seen. Those who require hearing aids but do not want them to interfere with their style will be relieved to learn that invisible hearing aids are now available. 

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