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Investing in Your Health: Treating Hearing Loss

Too often, when we think of our general health, hearing loss is low on our list. A multitude of factors ranging from cost to lack of information to embarrassment contributes to the avoidance of treatment for hearing loss. This has resulted in 1 in 5 adults in America living with untreated hearing loss. A staggering 80 percent of hearing loss cases can be beneficially treated with the proper diagnosis and hearing aids.


How does hearing loss affect your life?

The importance of hearing loss is often neglected until the effects start to diminish the quality of our relationships and the productivity of our professional lives. However, we can change a lot of that for the better by educating ourselves and being proactive. Understanding that our hearing health impacts our social interactions, communication, and income is an excellent start.

Dizziness, loss of balance and a fivefold increase of risk of dementia, according to the Hearing Health Foundation, are some of the physical conditions attributed to hearing loss. Dangerous and debilitating symptoms that we can gain control over with the correct hearing implements.


Are you living with untreated hearing loss?

People that live with untreated hearing loss have a tendency to withdraw from social activities, gatherings and family events creating more isolation. Many can suffer from decreased productivity at work and less self-confidence. Over time, this could lead to compounded problems in mental and physical health.

Symptoms can seem negligible at first: turning up the volume on the TV or straining to hear people speaking, but they do accumulate over time. As hearing loss increases, the brain begins to lose its ability to interpret sound using established neural networks. The longer we neglect the situation, the more difficult it is for the brain to retain its ability to translate and deliver sounds naturally. It is important to take an annual hearing test. If a hearing loss is detected, hearing devices can help to maintain or even improve your continual ability to hear.


How does one maintain and maximize our natural hearing?

If you’ve noticed changes in your hearing, get a hearing test as soon as possible. Find the correct course of action and make an investment in the health of your hearing. Unfortunately, people can take as many as 5 to 7 years before attending to their auditory health and often only when symptoms, such as depression and physical fatigue, manifest. There is an abundance of treatments and solutions now, so why wait?

We take our hearing for granted and often assume that once it is in decline, it is a situation we just learn to live with. In actuality, we can empower ourselves with education, proper hearing practices, and using advanced hearing devices.


What can we gain from treating hearing loss?

The Mayo Clinic has cited that the treatment of hearing loss positively affects our cognitive performance. If we address our hearing loss with hearing assistance, we can alleviate the strains placed on our relationships and overall health.

Empower yourself by knowing that the benefits of hearing implements will increase your ability to communicate. The relationships that matter most to you can now be sustained and strengthened. Be confident in any listening situation with the proper hearing aids, and look forward to going to that impromptu after work event, family barbeque, or game night. Do not allow yourself to be one of the many that suffer in silence and frustration.

Increase the productivity of your work life when you have hearing assistance to discern important details and nuances in conversations. Studies from the Hearing Health Institute have revealed a negative between unattended hearing loss and income. It has been found that lower productivity, income and higher unemployment results when a demise in hearing health is not addressed. Daily tasks and duties are often dependent on specifics for positive outcomes and proper implementation, and we need to be confident that we can hear that which is necessary for success!

We need our faculties in top form to fulfill our daily needs. The concern for not hearing that car horn, unexpected trips and slips getting to your destinations, the public service announcement on your daily commute, changes on the gate of your flight on vacation or the details of a phone conversation with a loved one can be alleviated with a hearing device. Better your mental, physical and cognitive health and maintain your mobility and independence in life.


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