Audiologist Doing A Hearing Test

What Exactly is an Earmold?

An earmold is a hearing aid insert that is part of a behind-the-ear hearing aid. Often known as a BTE, the earmold is a component that fits inside the ear canal. Earmolds are custom-made to suit your ear properly and provide maximum comfort.

It’s critical to consider comfort while deciding the sort of hearing aid to purchase. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life significantly, but if you find them uncomfortable, you may not use them as frequently as you should. It’s important to have the appropriate fit with earmolds, which is why you should see your hearing care professional if you’re having difficulties hearing and think you would benefit from wearing hearing aids.

The way venting, tubing, and other mechanical parts of the connection system are created requires special consideration. All of these factors might have a substantial impact on the quality of the final fitting.